This website contains the web-based copy of The Pollock Pines Epic.

Due to popular demand, we finally spent the time to create a “Print on Demand” version of “The Pollock Pines Epic“. For the printed version, we’ve rescanned all the images at high resolution, expanded them to full-size for clarity, and reformatted the book as well as added a nice cover. We’ve donated quite a few copies to the El Dorado History Museum in Placerville for them to sell, keeping all profits for their use. We’d prefer you buy from them to help with museum funding if possible, but if you can’t, feel free to order them online, and we’ll donate all profits to the museum annually.

We do retain a full Copyright on the material, but are willing to post it for general distribution.

Click on “The Pollock Pines Epic” in the Navigation Bar to start reading, and/or select pages from the “Pages” menu on the right side of the screen.

Please contact steve at parkerpress dot com if you have any questions or have pictures to contribute to this web-based document.

The intent is to make this a “living document” that can grow as contributions are added. Text that did not appear in the 2nd edition of the book published in 1995 will appear in green italics, and images that were not in the original book will be added to an album of images below each chapter. Please feel free to leave comments where appropriate. We will read and respond to all of them (if required).

The Plaque at Sportsmans Hall

The Plaque at Sportsmans Hall

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