Site Change History

This page shows a “Reverse-order” chronological history of significant changes made to the site. If you subscribe to the RSS feed for the site or any of the pages, you’ll already know about the updates. But for those who aren’t using RSS Readers, here’s a list of updates.

3/9/18: 10 years later, I finally started adding some of the missing pictures. Sorry for the “delay… 🙂

12/28/08: Everything is up to date. The site won’t change much from here on…

11/29/08: I’ve added the original pictures into three chapters: Early Routes and Roads; Inns and Waystations; and The Blairs. More will be added later this week, and then I’ll add all our “left over” pictures to gallery sections at the bottom of each chapter.

11/18/08: I have the pictures scanned, and will get them placed inline over Thanksgiving weekend. Sorry for the delays. Subscribe to the RSS feed if you want to be notified as soon as they’re installed…

7/27/08: this web-based copy is not yet complete. We are working on getting clearer copies of the old pictures scanned, optimized, and uploaded. This work should be completed soon.